• Client:

    University of Surrey

  • Contract administrator:

    Gerry Lytle Associates

  • Architect:

    Gerry Lytle Associates

  • Mechanical & electrical:

    Cambridge van Leyden

  • Structural engineer:

    Brian Poile Associates

  • Cdm coordinator:

    Currie & Brown UK

  • Quantity surveyors:

    Currie & Brown UK

  • Type of work:

    Refurbishment of Educational Facilities.

  • Type of contract:

    JCT - Intermediate form

University of Surrey - Physics and Concrete Laboratories

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A complete upgrade of student teaching rooms including all surface finishes, laboratory furniture, mechanical and electrical services. In addition, we undertook enabling works in readiness for the installation of SATEC materials testing equipment.


Original structural aspects iof the laboratories were retained, while suspended ceiling and floor areas were adatpted to permit the provision of upgraded electrical and data services.


The existing surface materials were replaced with modern substrates and finisghes to improve the working environment, and new fixed installations of speciailsed furniture and appliances were carried out as part of a complete, integrated refit.